SPA Center

Thallasso_therapy_whirlpoolThe SPA center is located very near the Aqua club. It was built on the site of the old mineral bath in the city, during the reconstruction the exterior facade was preserved. It is a modernized and renovated building that offers a variety of modern facilities for recovery and relaxation.

The literal translation of Sanus Per Aquam (SPA) is “health through water”. Water is the main source of life, it is an elixir that refreshes, rejuvenates and heals the body. Water cleanses the organism of toxins, increases the flow of oxygen, accelerates blood circulation and makes the skin look younger.

The SPA center is on two levels. For the visitors’ convenience a reception is situated in the lobby of the complex, where you can get information about all of the available procedures and services of the SPA center.

The first floor was built for hydrotherapy. The mineral pool and individual bathtubs are perfect for healing and relaxing treatments. The water temperature of the pool is 38 ° C.

The indoor pool has a convenient link to the outdoor pools that work all-year-round.

The mineral water in Sapareva Banya has been known since ancient times for its strong healing properties. Archaeological evidence has been discovered in the area of the complex that testifies for the existence of an ancient Roman settlement there.

The temperature at the spring of the water is 103 ° C. The slightly mineralized, sulphate-hydrocarbonated, hyperthermal water is especially useful for treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, damage to the central nervous system, gynecological diseases, skin conditions, diseases of the upper respiratory tract and others.

The second floor of the center is a relaxation area where the visitors can relax and regain energy by visiting the aroma sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, aqua relax, relax area with warm beds, ice-cold bath or bathtubs for feet.

On the second floor you can also find massage rooms, a room for Turkish massage with a private sauna, and a Jacuzzi for two. For the fans of therapies we offer various types of facial and body treatments.

Changing rooms, showers and toilets for men and women can be found on both floors of the SPA center for the convenience of the visitors.